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Air Quality Index (AQI)

on April 21
on April 15
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Air Quality for September 2014
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Regional Forecast (More details...)

October 23: Ozone - Good

October 24: PM2.5 - Good
Current Air Quality
map Farrell - PA, 56 AQI (PM2.5-24hr) Trumbull County Sanitary Eng., 25 AQI (O3-8hr) Farrell - PA, 25 AQI (O3-8hr) New Castle - PA, 24 AQI (O3-8hr) Youngstown - Head Start, 23 AQI (PM2.5-24hr) Kinsman, 22 AQI (O3-8hr) Youngstown - Oakhill, 18 AQI (O3-8hr) Warren - Laird Ave., 18 AQI (PM2.5-24hr)

Air Quality Tip

Trash belongs in the garbage, not the air

Don't burn household garbage, cardboard, or wood that has been painted or pressure-treated because toxic chemicals are released!  Only burn dry, seasoned firewood.

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Eastgate End-of-Season Air Quality Report, Fall 2013

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Air Quality Attainment

Trumbull and Mahoning counties are in attainment with federal air quality standards for the six criteria pollutants as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These pollutants are ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, and lead. EPA's Green Book contains more information on federal air quality standards and attainment.